Why broker with Fraser Financial?

We can sum up the answer in a single word: Assurance. MassMutual's track record spans 163 years. The company is stable and is considered among the best in the insurance industry by Fortune, Diversity Inc, the National Association of Female Executives and Fund Industry Intel. Our long-term record and stability generates an assurance and trust that flows to our brokers and their customers. MassMutual is a mutual company. This means it is run for the sole benefit of its participating policyholders. As such, their interests always come before those of the company. Since we are a mutual company, there are no stockholders and no quarterly analyst projections to try and meet that direct attention away from our long term strategies.

MassMutual has the quick turnaround time and the capability to work difficult cases. We have experienced teams to help our brokers with services such as new business support; experienced underwriting support; advanced sales support from a team of skilled attorneys; and marketing support. Our business concentrations—Insurance and retirement—provide a comprehensive menu of products including permanent and term life insurance, disability income insurance, long-term care insurance, annuities, and trust services. Why would any professional choose to broker anywhere else? Call one of our brokerage consultants today for information on brokering with MassMutual and Fraser Financial.

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