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Solutions for businesses

The Fraser Financial Group serves business. With our comprehensive menu of financial services, clients can benefit from our deep bench strength in retirement planning, qualified and non-qualified retirement plans, and estate planning. Our professionals soon become our clients’ trusted advisors.

Retirement and estate planning is never so simply explained as when one of our professionals tells it in plain English. For business owners seeking to take care of their key employees, establishing a retirement plan—be it a 401(k), SEP IRA or a Simple IRA—is the first step. The second step is funding. We often use qualified defined contribution or defined benefit plans as well as non-qualified golden handcuff plans that deliver the principal balance at the intended time. Through a planned combination of insurance, annuities, and investments, the Fraser professionals can show you how to turn your idea into reality.

We work with your estate plan right alongside your retirement plan. Our professionals bring many of the same insurance, annuity, and investment techniques to fund the trusts that comprise your estate plan. Your estate plan must be done right the first time. Even a small error in the beginning will cause a short fall in the estate’s distribution goals years down the road. With Fraser Financial Group on your side, you will have the assurance that you are working with experienced, successful professionals. Call us today to see how we can help you plan for the retirement and estate of you and your valued employees.

Succession & exit planning

For many business owners, partners, and investors the real payoff comes when they exit the company. The professionals at Fraser Financial Group work with clients to create their exit and succession plans. The task becomes complicated when we look beyond an orderly retirement. Often there’s a disability, death or even a divorce that requires a buy-out.

Your company’s legal counsel will craft the buy-sell agreement. Working with the lawyers to fund it is our job. First the business needs a valuation, usually done by a professional valuation firm. With the targeted buy-out amount known, we often use carefully structured life insurance and disability insurance policies to provide the capital necessary to execute the transaction when the time comes.

Family owned businesses present a unique circumstance. Setting aside the emotional aspect of family members working alongside one another—or not—we arrive at the value the company brings to the owner’s estate. The owners may wish to equalize the estate distribution in order to maintain an equitable value to each heir. The professionals at Fraser Financial Group will often utilize insurance policies, annuities, and investment accounts to supplement the value of the company for the various family members to whom it goes to maintain the intended equal distribution.

Attracting & retaining key employees

Finding and retaining the employees your company needs depends significantly on employee benefits. The professionals at the Fraser Financial Group work every day with qualified retirement plans, non-qualified plans and the so-called golden handcuffs intended to retain key employees.

Working alongside your company’s legal and tax counsel, our mission is to structure the funding of your defined benefit or contribution plan that qualifies for income tax deductions. Both defined benefit and contribution types of plans have their pros and cons, depending on your intention. Our professionals will advise you on which best serves your purposes. The nonqualified plans—the so-called golden handcuffs—serve yet another purpose. They are a highly useful employee benefit that provides a substantial financial incentive for staying on the job. The Fraser Financial Group professionals will advise you on the funding structure that works best to achieve your goals.

Key executive protection

Your employees and key executives are your company’s most important assets. You can always get more machinery and equipment. However, the skills, experience, and contributions of your executives cannot so easily be replaced. The professionals at Fraser Financial Group can protect your company against the risk of suddenly missing one or more of your key executives.

Our approach to key executive insurance is to manage the risk of their sudden unavailability for whatever reason. Yes, someone may unexpectedly die. But more commonly, they may suffer a disability that prevents them from doing their job. The result is the same—your company no longer has benefit of their talents. When this happens, our insurance steps in to buy the time needed to either find someone to replace the lost executive or to determine and implement what other measures are necessary. Our professionals also use key executive insurance for a variety of other purposes including planning for owner succession and buyout. Call Fraser Financial Group today to see how we can help reduce the risk and cost of losing a key executive.

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